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EU and MEFT support for Na Jaqna AGM critical during this difficult time

MEFT0_20200806-131031_1 Annual General Meeting in Covid-19 times

The EU through their governance support and general support from MEFT results in a successful AGM in N≠a Jaqna Conservancy

The N≠a Jaqna Annual General Meeting was held for most of last week in Mkata, with financial support from the EU to improve governance and community participation and the MEFT to ensure that conservancy operations continue during these difficult times when conservancies are not receiving any Trophy Hunting or other tourism income. The meeting complied with distancing rules and EU branded masks and sustainably use bags were provided for all participants.

The AGM followed an EU funded community consultation, collecting input and ideas on how to improve governance and participation. The results of the consultation were already put into place by extending the AGM to 4 days instead of the usual 3 as the community felt there was often not enough time to voice their opinions. The community also requested more project and food security support, so a session was held on starting a small scale garden and spades and seed distributed to enable each village to start their own food security initiative, this will be followed up later in the year with more equipment and seed for those villages making the most of this support.

The management committee also received presentation and meeting management skills training prior to the AGM and as a result, it was deemed one of the best AGMs to date, due to the level of participation, adherence to the agenda and schedule, compliance with MEFT regulations and the support received.

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