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Urgent global campaign calling for immediate moratorium on oil and gas drilling inOkavango River Basin


Civil Society Organisations in Namibia, together with regional and international organisations, coalitions and technical experts, are deeply concerned about oil and gas exploratory drilling activities in the Kavango Basin. Most of them have not been consulted or given any evidence about how the exploration activities and possible production of oil and gas will affect the lives, livelihoods and human rights of people in Kavango East and West regions, as well as th precious environment and overall water and food security in Namibia.

Press Release from re:wild

Today, Re:wild, Prince Harry, The Duke of Sussex, Djimon Hounsou, Leonardo DiCaprio and Forest Whitaker join local Indigenous and civil society leaders and conservationists in Namibia and Botswana—including Nadia April, Chris Brown, Patricia Dinyando, Veruschka Dumeni, Anita Lekgowa, Reinhold Mangundu, Rinaani Musutua, Max Muyemburuko and Joram Useb—in calling for an immediate moratorium on oil and gas drilling in the Okavango River Basin, including by Canadian oil and gas company Reconnaissance Energy Africa (ReconAfrica).

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Re:wild is standing with the people of Namibia and Botswana fighting the decision to allow oil exploration in the Okavango. Sign the open letter today.


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